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Acne scar treatment in Aurangabad.


Acne cosmetica is a mild but persistent form of acne triggered by the use of cosmetics. It can occur anywhere on the body but is most common on the face, neck, hairline, and scalp.


Acne cosmetica looks like small bumps across the surface of the skin or scalp. The skin will look and feel rough. Many comedones, and possibly some small papules and pustules, will be present, but there usually is little to no inflammation. We provide acne scar treatment in Aurangabad.


This type of acne is caused by the use of comedogenic hair or skin care products. When a cosmetic product accumulates within the follicle, the pore becomes blocked. Excess skin oil builds up, clogging the pore and creating a blemish. Pomades or hair oils, heavy moisturizers, eye creams, and makeup are all common causes of acne cosmetica. Dr. Pallavi Patil is providing acne scar laser treatment in Aurangabad.

Laser treatment for scars:- 

Laser medical aid uses centered beams of sunshine to treat broken areas of the body. It will take away tumors and different growths, improve vision, stop hair loss, and treat pain. optical maser medical aid also can improve the looks of scars.

Laser treatment for scars is associated with patient procedures. Your doctor repeatedly moves an optical maser wand over your skin to get rid of broken skin cells and diminish scars. These include:

injury scars
burn marks
acne scars
dark spots, age spots, and different forms of physiological state.

Because this procedure involves heat and lightweight, your doctor might not suggest it if you’ve got light-weight sensitivity. sure medications will cause this kind of sensitivity. make certain to talk together with your doctor to ascertain if you’re an honest candidate.

Your doctor may additionally discourage optical maser treatments if you are taking blood-thinning medications thanks to the danger of trauma.

They may additionally discourage optical maser treatments if you have:

active inflammatory disease
skin sores
darker skin